early-learningDid you know that 90% of a child's brain development happens in first six years. The child learns the most in initial growing years. Education given to a child during the growing years makes a lot of difference on a child's performance in later years of life. Education not only brings in confidence but also prepares a child for handling various situations of life better.We believe that a child of today is a leader of tomorrow. A child's development will determine the future of our country. Quality education is not just necessary but the birth right of every child.

K12 solutionsWe realize that all will be well if the beginning is well. We therefore start our solutions right from kindergarten to class 10th. We help setup 100% child centric schools, with focus on safety, quality, nurturing environment and organized teaching. We have integrated the Montessori mode of teaching with traditional mode and created a unique blend that makes teaching easier for education providers and also learning fun for learners.

Teaching aidsWe help right from conceptualization to complete setup of school until the first student admission happens. We train the teachers and ensure that quality is delivered to early learners.

Our in-class and @-home solutions ensure that complete transparency is given to the parents. Children can take classes even from home during the days when they are traveling, sick or unable to attend school for various other reasons.

Our software ensure that school management activities are better handled and human error is reduced. The parent-school interaction is made easy by our range of digital solutions. Our curriculum is designed such that a child can realize it's unique abilities in a systematic, synergistic, and self-paced manner.