We are a women oriented company geared by a team of IIT and IIM Alumni. Our team of child experts and psychologists look at every solution from a critical view point and allow distribution of only those resources that are suitable for the modern day education needs.

We also have a team of skilled and experienced educationists who design, develop and deliver curriculum based on contemporary education research and pedagogies — apart from dispensing continuous in-service teacher training to all school partners associated with us.

Determined to provide early learners with globally comparable exposure, we have designed products and packages which are cost effective and provide a complete 360 degree coverage for early learning.

Our school solutions cover the following forms of learning.

The linguistic learning

This is the traditional mode of learning in which a child is taught to read and write. The listening ability of the children are developed and also the child is taught to express using either the mother tongue or a language chosen as medium of learning by the school.

This is the most effective and age old learning method. All our solutions use linguistic learning as the primary mode of teaching. The curriculum and learning solutions make extensive use of tongue twisters, poems and rhymes. Our worksheets and various written activity material is designed to enhance the linguistic learning.


The natural learning

The natural form of learning in which a child is encouraged to observe and self learn. Our educationists have ensured that the curriculum covers enough activities that make natural learning easy. This is main part of our home learning solutions. Children are given free access to learning aids and taken for field trips so that children can lern by their own experiences.

Children are allowed to focus on only one subject at a time and evaluated accordingly.


The Kin-esthetic learning

In this form a child is given hand's on experience on various practical aspects. Children learn through their sensory organs. Activities have been designed to make full use of sensory organs. These activities are complemented with material and solution that enhance kin-esthetic form of learning.

The activities defined in our learning solutions enhance the hand-eye coordination and give a sense of body in space and time.


The Visual learning

The visual learning style, often referred to as the spatial learning style, is a way of learning in which information is associated with images. This learning style requires that learners first see what they are expected to know. People with a visual learning style are often referred to as visual-spatial learners.

Curriculum defines activities and learning material such that children are exposed to diagrams, pictures, flash cards, graphs and technology mediums like mobile, tablet or computers.


The Logical learning

Logical/mathematical learners may include those we consider to be math whizzes, but the style is much more than that. This learning style tends to have insight into systems. In other words, a logical learner is better skilled than other types in looking at a series of parts and seeing how they are interconnected. This makes them particularly good at puzzles and strategy games, such as chess.

Our curriculum defines clear activities that teaches children tricks for patterns recognition, numerical and various cognitive skills.